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Model JPX-378 High Density Distributing Frame
1. Reliable fastening and perfect repeatability
Once-time fastening and conducting with both side stripping is assured by its unique fastener design and thicker elastic material. The performance is consistent even though it is fastened 200 times. The maximum contact area with sufficient force to prevent it from disengagement and an outstanding material quality ensure an excellent gas-tight terminal and smooth fastening. The fastening tool is durable.
2. The security wiring assembly consists of security terminal seat, jumper terminal seat, test terminal seat and turning gear. It is convenient in installation and test.
3. The test wiring assembly consists of fastening reed, seat block, aluminum base and turning gear. It is convenient in installation and test.
4. The security unit features a high reliability design. Φ8.6 gas discharge tube is used as over-voltage element, which avoids any trouble caused by Φ6.3 small discharge tube. The structure of grounding cable of security unit is damage-free design to withstand big current, which prevents from the old grounded PCB trouble.
5. All technical parameters of Model JPX-378I main distributing frame are in compliance with the Rules for the Implementation of Network Access Quality Certification and Testing of Main Distributing Frame issued by Ministry of Information Industry.
Model JPX-378II Main Distributing Frame
On the basis of Model HPX-78I, Model JPX-378II main distributing frame security wiring assembly changes testing area into terminal forming area for a continuation of terminal fastening and same performance of Model JPX-378I.
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